Robin Schoenthaler, MD

My name is Robin Schoenthaler. I'm a Boston-based cancer doctor, an essayist, and a mother,
only occasionally in that order.

In my work, I am a radiation oncologist with the Massachusetts General Hospital. My practice is almost exclusively with women with breast cancer; you can find resources we've found helpful here.

In my essays, I write about life, death, kids, cancer, and life lessons. I tend to hone in on tiny scenes or the big picture or I focus on my experience of parenting or doctoring during extreme moments. And a lot of the time I include a serious dollop of humor as well.

My children have changed much about how I write and how I practice medicine. So I write about that, too.

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(The views expressed on this website and in all my writings are of course my own and don't reflect the views of MGH and absolutely nothing I write should ever be construed as medical advice or counsel.)